Курсы английского языка
для взрослых

Business English Course Description

Learn business English from a U.S. native speaker who has 35 years of business experience as a professional successful communicator, teacher, project manager, director of special projects, and business management system consultant to company founders, owners, executives and officers.

The companies had 25 to 1200 employees in 20+ industries from aerospace to food processing; electronics to material handling; automobiles to real estate financing and management; and producing electricity, plastic and steel.

As needed to illustrate key points, real-life anecdotes connect the students’ work experiences to the lesson. This makes Business English more memorable. It ensures students use English effectively.

In each module students get the Learning Objectives and perform measurable tasks to verify learning. They listen to English, read, write, and speak it with correct pronounciation. They increase their skills and proficiency. They learn business idioms and verb phrases. They learn American and British English variants. They build English skills by doing exercises, pair work, group/team tasks, business workshops and case studies. Students can ask about real-life work situations and –for clarification and specific coaching– bring documents written in English.

Requirements: Students must already have intermediate or better skills; a working knowledge of English grammar and a functional vocabulary. Pre-intermediate students are possible but will probably use 210 hours or the greater quantity of hours to complete the course or any module(s).

Business English Course Overview

Module 1. Business Operations by Function

Module 2. Accounting, Cash Flow, and Financial Statements

Module 3. Business Analysis

Module 4. Communications — Image and Identity

Module 5. International Business Concerns

Module 6. Industries and Economics

Module 7. Finance and Investments

Module 8. Banking Industry

Module 9. Government in Business

Module 10. Communications — Clarity, Persuasiveness, Arguments, and Presentations

The whole course is about 135-210 hours* (*depending on student English skills)

= about 22-35 weeks at 6 academic (AH) hours/week (3 classes x 2 AH/class), or

= about 34-52 weeks at 4 AH/week (2 classes x 2 AH/class)


Take the modules you want. If you don’t want all modules, you need not take them all.

Стоимость курса

Занятия 2 раза в неделю по 1,5 часа, длительность уровня – 6 мес.
КОЛ-ВО ГРУПП 1 2 3 4 5
Стоимость обучения за одну группу, грн. в месяц 3037 2985 2935 2884 2807
Занятия 3 раза в неделю по 1,5 часа, длительность уровня – 4 мес.
КОЛ-ВО ГРУПП 1 2 3 4 5
Стоимость обучения за одну группу, грн. в месяц 3636 3470 3343 3215 3100
Занятия 4 раза в неделю по 1,5 часа, длительность уровня – 3 мес.
КОЛ-ВО ГРУПП 1 2 3 4 5
Стоимость обучения за одну группу, грн. в месяц 4400 4275 4147 4019 3828

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